Customer Design Service

Contact us today to learn more about DigiEngin’s customer design capabilities and to explore how we can help you solve your unique light engines and optical challenges.

Customer Design Service

Utilizing our unique, multidisciplinary approach from optical components to systems design, we can assist customers in different markets from concept through volume production to develop custom turnkey optical solutions in LED lighting, beam shaping optics, micro-display projection engines, multispectral light modules, UV/UVC modules, and imaging/non-imaging optical systems.

Human Centric Lighting Solution

We are gurus in LED lighting with over 20 years development experience, from LED lamps development for LEDnovation, a LED lighting pioneer in 2008, to lighting designer favorite MR16 lamps and SNAP system for Soraa, to high color quality commercial lighting COBs, tunable color and human centric light LEDs for Luminus. We can help clients in design innovation and solving technical challenges in smart lighting and lighting for health and well-being.

Light Engines Design

Our team has a long and proven history of light engines engineering excellence, bringing over 15 years of experience in developing from light source to light engine systems to help our clients in design innovation. We designed and developed world-first DLP based LED light engine for 52'' rear-projection TV in 2005.

With our know-how and innovation, we have world-class expert in designing DLP and LCOS light engines with high lumen output and high efficiency, we have designed world best performance 0.23'' DLP light engine and 0.33'' DLP light engine to achieve over 450lm and over 750lm output.

Optical Design, Modeling and Analysis

Our company’s unique experience combines expertise in both imaging and non-imaging systems, setting us apart from many others when combined with our excellence in light source, mechanical, and systems engineering design, development, and manufacturing to help our clients to solve optical engineering challenges.

With over 30 years hands-on experience in optical engineering and innovations, our team help to develop revolutionary products, like Soraa SNAP system using breakthrough prismatic optic, which win prestigious red dot design, LFI Innovation and other awards.