We are a team of Ph.D.s with over 20 years experience in the lighting industry. Our focus is on innovation and our track record is reflected in the over 50 patents (applied and/or granted).

James Zhai, CEO

James Zhai is the Chief Executive Officer of DigiEngin Inc. Prior to starting DigiEngin, Dr. Zhai held the Director of Application Engineering and technical business development position at Luminus for 7 years. Dr Zhai helped Luminus to develop high color quality COBs and high performance projection LEDs products. He was also Principal Optical Engineer at Soraa for 3 years, leading the high beam quality MR16 lamps and PAR lamps development with award-winning evolutionary accessory solutions. He was a key member to found LEDnovation, a pioneer LED lighting company in 2008 to develop high performance LED lighting products. Dr. Zhai was also a pioneer in developing LED TV and DLP based projection products, includes designing the DLP mask-less lithography system in 2001, launching world first DLP-based 52’’ LED RPTV in 2005, a RGB LED LCD TV backlight unit in 2007 for Jabil Circuit and developing high brightness LEDs for DLP pico-projector for Luminus from 2013.

Dr. Zhai holds over 27 US patents in projection light engines and LED lighting and over 50 published journal papers. He holds a Ph.D in Optoelectronics from University of Huazhong University of Science and technology and began his career in the United States as Research Associate in Data Storage System Center of Carnegie Mellon University after he finished Postdoctoral Fellowship program in Tsinghua University of Beijing in 1998.

Lin Li, VP Product Development

Lin Li is the Vice President of Product Development at DigiEngin Inc. Prior to joining DigiEngin, Dr. Li worked at Ostendo Technologies for product designs of near-eye optics (AR, MR, VR), quantum photonics devices and projection displays. He was also Principle Optical Engineer at Micron Technology for developing and commercializing projection light engines, imaging lenses and LED applications.

Dr. Li holds over 10 US patents and his work has received awards from Society of Information Display (SID). He holds a Ph.D in Physics from the Center of Optics, Photonics and Lasers at Laval University in Canada. He has more than 20 years of professional experience in optical engineering and has worked at companies such as the National Optics Institute in Canada, Sharp Labs of America and Jabil.