Applications: Smart Lighting and Healthy Light

Smart Retail Lighting

  • High Color Quality/ Tunable
  • Spot + Ambient for comfortable
  • Interact for new experience

Smart Home Lighting

  • Good light for living
  • Hue Brightness for Cozy feeling
  • Connected light/Control

Smart Building Lighting

  • Circadian/light for working
  • Smart office/smart city lighting
  • Intelligent lighting solution/IOT

Circadian/Human Centric Light

  • HCL keep human circadian rhythms
  • Perfect natural light spectrum with low blue peak
  • Lighting for health: less blue stimulus at night and keep human circadian rhythms at day time

Lighting for Well-being

  • Better light better life: all about spectrum
  • Natural light, less stress, better performance
  • Biologically effective lighting to improve cognitive performance