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DigiEngin, Inc. is a VC funded Silicon Valley company, providing product design, engineering consulting and prototyping to production services in LED smart lighting, HCL, micro-display projection engines, multispectral light modules UV/UVC modules, and imaging/non-imaging optical systems. Applications include:

* LED lighting/Smart Lighting

* Lighting for Health and Well-being

* Fiber optics lighting

* Pico-projector/Mobile Projector/Front Projector

* AR/VR/Heads-up Display

* Smart Home Display/Smart Speaker/Smart TV

* Endoscopy & Surgical Visualization

* Fluorescence Microscopy/Life Science

* UV Curing/UVC Disinfection Solutions

DigiEngin uses our expertise in semiconductor light source, optical engineering, mechanical and thermal designs to help clients in product innovation and revenue growth.

San Jose, California USA

Shenzen, Guangdong, China

Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Design Capabilities

  • Multi-spectral light source module/engine technology: High lumen density LED/laser light source, multi-spectral light combination without etendue loss, uniform beam pattern output, modular solutions to couple multi-spectral light into fiber and illuminate microdisplay panel/gobos/ light patterns.

  • Projection optical system: High resolution projection optics, low profile ultra-short throw projection lens, fast F/# projection optics, camera and imaging optics.

  • Illumination/non-imaging optical system: LED illumination/collimation optics, non-imaging optical module, UV/UVC optics and system.

  • Machine Vision intelligent light and surface quality defects inspection: Structured light pattern, intelligent lighting, artificial intelligent(AI) defect analysis.

  • Augmented reality (AR) optics and solutions: AR/VR optics, AR/VR optical system, AR smart glasses light engine, transparent glasses AR solution.

  • LED smart lighting and design support: Apply our expertise in LED light source and LED lighting fixtures design to help clients in design innovation and solving technical challenges in smart lighting and lighting for health and well-being.

Key Technology

Advanced Algorithms

With advanced algorithm and using free-form aspherical optical design we can effectively use the etendue of LED light source to achieve world-class light efficiency and lumen output. With machine learning algorithm, we can provide intelligent light pattern for machine vision surface defect inspection in intelligent manufacturing.

Patented Technology

Proprietary patents based on etendue match and remote phosphor conversion to achieve optimal brightness from high brightness LED, and on multi-channels architectures to achieve ultra-high brightness light engine. Patented technology can provide >20% more lumen output than conventional technology.

Ultra-short Projection Lens

Have low F/# ultra-short throw projection technology to reach throw ratio less than 0.35 with free-form technology, odd polynomial reflector and advanced architecture, which allows the projector much closer to the screen, even for big screen projection.